Serving the Highland Lakes For The Last 50 Years

About Reagor Air Conditioning

For fifty years, the community of the Highland Lakes has trusted us with their electrical, heating, air conditioning, and water issues. In that time, we have gained firsthand experience across a diverse set of disciplines.

We are proud to be your go-to installation and repair company after so many years.

At Reagor Air Conditioning, we strive to provide you, the customer, with fast, friendly service that is done right the first time. If the work is not completed to your satisfaction, we will not rest until the job is done right. When we say, “We stand behind our work,” we mean it!

If you are given a quote for work, that is the price you are charged. No hidden fees, prices, or charges.

hvac plumber

HVAC – TACLB00084306E

Master Plumber – 15628

Electric – 33944

LP Gas, Railroad Comm.  07317

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